South West Museums & Libraries Association Champion

In an age of ultra-modern technology such as satellite television, digital radio and highly-stylised computer games, it is easy for people to be distracted from traditional activities such as reading or going to a museum.

The importance of continuous learning, appreciating culture and broadening one’s horizons should, however, not be overlooked; education, especially at grass roots level, is fundamental to the establishment of a respectful and informed society and this is exactly the reason why local libraries and museums are as important today as in times gone by, despite the many obstacles that threaten their popularity.

Today the public library is being promoted as a community hub for learning and gaining skills as well as acting as a place to meet and improve community relations and understanding of different groups in society.

Museums are a lasting mark of achievements, culture and expertise and can be instrumental to education and inspiration, particularly in the young. The articles below will explore the role of museums and libraries in today’s societies as well as highlighting the services they offer and the opportunities they present.